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White Paper - Now is the time for Asia-based Businesses to start building AI Chatbots

Publication: White Paper

Authors: CHUANG Shin Wee, Jonathan SEOW

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformations in many organisations since early 2020 due to the government-mandated lockdown and subsequent work-from-home arrangements.

Many organisations have since adopted and embraced collaboration tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing and cloud-based documentation to maintain business continuity. However, as the pandemic is being brought under control in most parts of the world (particularly in Asia), business leaders are beginning to plan for the next phase of digital transformation as the world starts to adjust to a new normal.

A chatbot, in particular an AI-based chatbot, is often seen as one of the lowest hanging fruits. For example, Gartner, in their 24 June 2020 report “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Insurance”, cited chatbots as having “now range” impact to the industry.

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The Business Case for Building an AI Chatbot during a Pandemic
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