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Singapore fintech launches broker with Allianz, Etiqa & MSIG

Fintech startup has announced the launch of, an English-Chinese bilingual WhatsApp Chatbot that helps car owners in Singapore find motor insurance.

Publication: Reinsurance News

Author: Matt Sheehan represents the first direct to consumer service for Singapore-headquartered start-up, which has spent the previous five years building AI Chatbots for many financial institutions in the region, such as Bangkok Bank, CIMB and Schroders, using its proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

During this time the company has built up a large, hyper-localised data corpus based

on millions of live conversations while also gaining insight into consumer behaviour

in Chatbot interactions. plans to progressively add more general insurance products to

after launch.

“ not only provides car insurance comparison in an instantaneous and

personalised manner but is able to do it conversationally on the popular WhatsApp

platform.” said Hicham Raissi, CEO of Allianz Singapore


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