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How one state agent used technology to overcome operational challenges&improve business productivity

Embracing digitalisation: How one estate agent used technology to overcome operational challenges and improve business productivity

Publication: Council for Estate Agencies

Author: Council for Estate Agencies

Technology has played a critical role in helping the real estate agency industry adjust and adapt to changes in the operating environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From hosting virtual property tours, to organising webinars and virtual property exhibitions, the pandemic has accelerated the pace of digitalisation and spurred many estate agents and real estate salespersons (RESs) to make greater use of technology and online tools.

One real estate agent that reaped the benefits of digitalisation is VIP Realtors Pte Ltd, a boutique agency that has developed an AI chatbot to reduce paperwork and improve productivity in property transactions.

We caught up with Ms Lina Chang, Director (Commercial & Industrial) at VIP Realtors, who shared how utilising digital tools has enhanced the way her agency operates and engages clients.


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