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E27 - 4 made-in-Singapore chatbots that can raise your company's productivity

Publication: E27

Author: Aidil Binjibowa

Financial Sector – PAND.AI

The selling process of most financial products and services often requires human-to-human interaction between a provider and a buyer. This time-honoured tradition has existed for years and, according to, is long overdue for a change. Shin Wee Chuang is the co-founder of and was the Head of Remote Banking in Standard Chartered Bank in China. Having had first-hand experience with the current labour-demanding processes in large financial conglomerates, Shin is confident that intelligent, multi-functional chatbots are the way to the future.

Unlike websites and mobile apps, chatbots offer a user experience that is ensconced within a very familiar interface–chat. When it comes to traditional graphical user interfaces such as websites and mobile apps, the navigational process can be cumbersome and frustrating. For instance, should a user want to get information on a product, he might have to click through several pages, or endure a long phone call to a customer service call centre, to obtain the information. However, with a chatbot, all a user has to do is ask.

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