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Digital sidekick solves Singapore real estate agents' woes

Publication: Asiaone

AI Chatbot, Rena, shortens cash conversion cycle, reduces paperwork and minimises human errors for real estate agencies
Real estate agents can now digitally manage deals, listings, and payments in one place, improving productivity by more than 50%
VIP Realtors received the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to adopt Rena in its digital transformation journey

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore-based AI startup today unveils Rena, an AI Chatbot to help minimise paperwork and improve productivity in real estate transactions.

"Real estate is a highly regulated and paperwork-heavy industry. Agents often have to juggle between serving their customers and submitting numerous forms, letters, checklists and agreements to complete a deal. On the other hand, agencies often have to hire employees to perform manual data entry after collecting all the documents submitted by agents," explained Ezline Lee, business director of "With Rena, information can now be exchanged digitally and instantaneously, cutting down on paperwork and human errors."


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