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Allow your customers to check their account balance, the status of their application or cancel a request by simply asking.


81% of consumers prefer using intuitive tools such as AI chatbots to resolve their queries. Automating customer service using AI can improve customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, and improve agent productivity.

Account Management

Source: Invespcro

Create a seamless experience for handling payments and refund requests in an intuitive way to increase customer retention. 92% of consumers are likely to buy again if the return process is simple and easy to navigate.


Appointment Bookings

Manage your appointment bookings in a more productive and cost efficient way. By allowing the chatbot to handle this task, your team has more time to focus on high value tasks.

Customer Support 

Handle your customers' queries accurately and instantly and leave the tough questions for your customer support team. Our live chat feature provides a seamless transition from bot to human when your customers need the extra support.

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